We Are Cowboys

janeiro 29, 2013

1. We Are Cowboys (Vocal Mix)

2. We Are Cowboys (Dub Mix)

3. Tocaia (Original Mix)

Artist: Andre Salata
Title: We Are Cowboys
Release date: 29/Jan/2013
Style: Techno / Tech House

We are happy to present the new Brazilian label TILES. Just as a single tile, which has its historical and decorative function, showing stylistic nuances, Tiles has the proposal to introduce innovative and quality music, picturing the moment with songs that linger on the variety. And the label debut EP “We Are Cowboys” comes with 3 serious quality tracks from the label boss Andre Salata.

From student to teacher, from heart to soul. That is the summary of the path that Andre Salata, the DJ, producer and college lecturer from Sao Paulo, has been taking. Die-hard fan of techno and its origins, of its simple complexity in constant evolution, he entered the world of musical production through his own connection to the art’s style. He grew in the area and ended up becoming a lecturer of electronic music production in a respected College in São Paulo. In constant exchange with producers, enthusiasts and students, his influences are constantly renewed and materialized in his music.

Tocaia is the first track and it’s laced with funky bass-line, house leads, dry percussion and a smooth changing groove.

The title track comes in 2 versions, so we have options here. One with vocal (Vocal mix), and one without (Dub Mix). Both are serious techno oriented tracks. The quality of the mix is outstanding. It fits perfectly the dry percussive elements, the monster fat bass-line, and the gritty open hi-hats.

This is how a passionate label presents itself: concept and quality.